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Connecting the dots.

Our bodies are incredibly inter-dependent. Everything is somehow connected. Pull here and it moves there. Touch this and that happens. Act now to change then. To ignore these unique connections within all of us would be a mistake. But it’s happening. Traditional approaches to physical therapy are missing the point of connection.

That’s where our advanced treatment techniques come in. At Blacksburg Physical Therapy Associates we harness the power of the body’s natural inter-dependencies, and begin making a difference—mind, body and spirit—immediately.


Us to you.

At Blacksburg Physical Therapy Associates we discover your pain or limitation, then treat and train you with one specific outcome in mind: the result you most desire. While traditional physical therapy approaches are based on a general, one-size-fits-all, procedure-based mindset, we begin with your ultimate goal in mind. By tasking your body with specific movements, we find a tipping point, the point at which we can identify your unique source of pain or impairment. From there, we can continue to tune and transform your body for superior results.

Pain to problem.

Undoubtedly, you’ve come to Blacksburg Physical Therapy Associates with a troubling pain or physical limitation. Your body simply can’t do the things you enjoy, or perform to your true potential. Rather than offer a general approach, we create a custom solution; we “question” your body through movement, while making sure to avoid pain. And what it tells us is revealing.

Through a series of interconnections, we uncover the source of what’s holding you back, which is often far from obvious. Typically, physical therapists treat the injury or impairment. We treat the person. Our progressive treatment method zeroes in on the underlying cause with targeted precision. It’s the kind of precision that can bring profound results. It’s also a far more efficient process. After all, we’re not treating everyone with our approach. We’re treating, training and tuning you.

Mind to body.

Because we’re far more than physical beings, our approach focuses on the connection between mind and body. Knowing your goals, your aspirations and your setbacks greatly informs our approach to treatment. Of course, the best outcomes are almost always the result of your active involvement. How far you go is almost entirely up to you. Just know that you can turn to us as an ongoing source of knowledge and encouragement. Whether it’s a short- or long-term goal, we’re here for you. Until you’re better.

Hand to tissue.

Despite advances in equipment and technology, there remains no better tool than the human hand. At Blacksburg Physical Therapy Associates, our expertly trained hands leverage and control movement, helping to restore comfort and function to stiff joints, tight muscles and tissues.