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Our bodies are remarkably interconnected. Our proven approach to restoring you to complete comfort and function is based on it. We evaluate not only the pain you’re feeling, but also everything related to your source of pain. We pinpoint solutions within the complex relationship of the body’s many moving parts. This is very different than traditional physical therapy services that solve only for the immediate pain you’re feeling through a battery of one-size-fit-all exercises. At Blacksburg Physical Therapy Associates we go deeper. We work with your unique anatomy to bring lasting results, faster.

Want to get back to doing the things you love?

Click on the injury or impairment that’s holding you back and discover how our experts can achieve dramatic results, and do so far more quickly than you might have thought.

Ankle Pain

As one of the most commonly sprained joints of the body, the ankle can hide undiagnosed problems for years at a time if not properly assessed and treated. Equipped with a thorough understanding of foot and ankle mechanics, our therapists treat the ankle on the basis of what is necessary for optimal function. We also use our eyes and our hands-the best assessment tools of all-to determine the underlying cause of injury, and what we can do to restore your ankle to full health.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be disabling. When it hurts to chew or talk, life is almost unbearable. The forces that cross this joint are among the greatest in the body and need to be understood and managed in a multi-disciplinary fashion. We will work closely with your dentist or oral surgeon to assess and treat your jaw as well as any associated areas of pain.

Shoulder Pain

As one of the most versatile joints in the body, the shoulder can also be the most complex to evaluate and treat. The functions it performs are important for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Stresses to the shoulder joint and rotator cuff musculature can come from nearly any corner of the body; most issues are related to dysfunction between the shoulder blade, neck and rib cage. A proper evaluation is critical to regaining pain-free strength and flexibility. Once assessed, our team is equipped with an array of strategies and a proven approach to help get your shoulder back to normal.

Rib Cage / Thoracic Spine Pain

Chest and rib cage pain can be scary. Your breathing, sitting and turning are often affected and can become significantly impaired. Skilled assessment is necessary to rule out any pain that is referred from other areas. Once rib pain is determined to be musculoskeletal in nature, we take a sophisticated, hands-on approach to therapy. The goal is to arrive at the source of your pain and, in the process, bring about swift, dramatic results.

Hip Pain

It’s no coincidence that some of our body’s largest muscles surround the hip joint. It is designed to provide mobile-stability and serves as the platform for most of the motions of everyday life. From walking to running to sitting and squatting, the coordinated effort of our hips is critical, and impairment can often result in back and other pain. By having a depth of understanding of this joint, and its influence on the movements of your life, our approach to treatment addresses each hip individually. This unique approach can get you results more quickly, so that you can return to the things you love that much sooner.

Knee Pain

As one of the most commonly injured joints in the lower body, the knee is often caught between where the foot is, and where the upper body is going. Over time, this can cause wear and tear, pain and movement dysfunction. We begin by examining your knee to determine the demands that are being placed on it, and what other body parts are being utilized to take the load off. Our goal is to tailor a solution specific to you. And help you get back to the activities you love.

Foot Pain

Comprised of 27 bones and 20 muscles, your foot is designed to take a beating: loading, flexing and propelling you through life. It’s easy to take these forces and movements for granted, until the pain begins. Our team will assess each foot individually and carefully treat each one to maximize its ability. From a thorough understanding of your feet, our therapists treat the underlying causes of pain. In most cases simple exercise and perhaps an orthotic can return your feet to complete, pain-free functionality.

Elbow, Wrist, and Hand pain

Twisting, turning, pulling and gripping, the elbow, wrist and hand are interconnected and undeniably reliant upon one another. When you experience limitations to any one, you lose your ability to manipulate and interact with your world. Activities such as shaking hands, swinging a tennis racket, or hugging a loved one become painfully challenging. Our approach is to assess this interplay and look for opportunities within your body to regain these fine-tuned, highly coordinative movements.

Lower Back Pain

When your lower back aches, or is damaged, it can affect every aspect of your life, even while sleeping and sitting. We take an active approach that addresses your specific pain, as well as the interactions of neighboring anatomy. You could benefit from healing activities, including aquatic therapy, stimulation and unweighting and traction devices. And gain dramatic results from our experienced, hands-on team of experts.

Joint Replacement

As the intersection for all of our movements, joints often wear out. Replacement serves as an appealing option. However, once replaced, your body needs to learn how to use the joint again and work through postoperative pain, swelling and stiffness. Our team skillfully negotiates this process, reintegrating your new joint into your body’s daily functions, so you can return to the activities you love-pain-free.


Headaches caused by the musculoskeletal system can be highly disruptive to our lives. We address the significant contributors to your headaches from a medical, musculoskeletal perspective. In the process, we equip you with the tools you need to begin living headache-free.

Neck / Cervical Spine

Your neck is designed for mobility. It twists and turns, allowing you to glance, read, back out of the driveway, or paint your bedroom walls. When it hurts, life can be painful at every turn. Sensitive nerves and tissues require skill, training and knowledge in order to bring about safe, pain-free results. Our team is here to assess, treat and guide you back to comfort, so that you can enjoy life at every turn.